We had a dream of having a home for the needy and differently abled children in exquisite surroundings in nature where they could play, run, sing and enjoy their lives with the highest degree of freedom – the dream was ethereally delicate as today we have a home what we call TAPOBAN to take care of the deprived ones with Missionary Spirit and help them to shine as impiously as other abled children. Today our TAPOBAN is not merely a home – it has become a culture a tradition where hearts of people are engraved and stamped with love, sympathy, mercy and Kindness and charged with inspiration to do something for the betterment of the resident of TAPOBAN. Life fades like a flower and vanishes like a shadow – in this short span of life let us enjoy the company of the people in distress and become instrumental so as to embed smiles in the hearts of the residents of our TAPOBAN.



Physiotherapy has become an integral part in Medical Science as it is very effective in dealing with a number of physical constraints faced by physically retarded persons in particular. We have been serving our hostellers by providing regular physiotherapeutic treatment with the limited facilities available to us and we have noticed surprising change in the aspect of growth. This has catalysed us to extend ambit of our activities for better performance.

Speech Therapy:

The ability to make magnificent sound makes the human world wonderful. But unfortunately some people for one more reasons are unable to speak like us. Speech Therapy is very much instrumental in dealing with this type of problems as we have been experiencing since the introduction of our speech therapeutic programme. It is really herculean task to be associated with this type of problem yet we cannot let dwindle away our effort on the other hand we intend to double our effort to dilute the problem and in our efforts we need and welcome supports of the like minded people in addition to the assistance of various organizations. Even our 1% success in this direction will inspire millions to work in tandem for the persons tormented by speech disability.

Braille Education:

The Mission has taken various steps for vocational training like cutting and tailoring, etc. for the students. Braille education is provided to the visually impaired students with the help of trained faculty.

Library & Hostel Facilities:

Library is another name of civilization. This granary of knowledge helps people shining consequently the society and the contemporary society. Aiming at the formation of the habit of reading books and diluting the problem of getting important books we have established the library of the mission. Our library is well managed and has more than 10,000 books and journals including the books of BRAILLE system to help some of our differently abled students studying in TAPOBAN. It is a matter of grave concern and also very unfortunate that students are giving their backs to the habit of reading books. So to discourage this trend we conducted “LIBRARY WEEK” every year from 17th January to 23rd January, in which to our surprise many students came every day to reinforce our noble attempt.

The institute has separate age wise girls’ and boys’ dormitory in the campus. Hostel facilities are always opened for abandoned, surrender, street and working children and referred by C.W.C who need special care and protection.


The differently abled people are deprived of education, knowledge, awareness and government jobs, some are socially ridiculed and for some travelling is extremely difficult. Students Welfare Mission believes that all differently able persons has the right to keeping this in view the institute has established its own computer by experienced faculty. Special software for visually challenged students is also available here.


Music is the language of the heart and has intoxicating quality of completely hypnotising the individual and transporting him into a trans like state. It is an antidote to dilute the problems arising out of physical and mental impairment. We the people of the mission have been trying to provide the wonderful therapeutic effect of music to the residents of our TAPOBAN in the way of providing both vocal and instrumental training. We are proud to mention here that our students Sumi and Purnima who are visually impaired have become popular singers in the entire district of Barpeta. We do believe that our sincere attempt in his direction will give colours to the lives of our differently abled students.


French swimmer PHILLIPE CROIZON, 43 did the impossible – he had no arms, no legs but crossed the English Channel. Nothing is impossible even for differently abled persons only needed strong will and determination and some help, assistance and inspiration from their fellow men to help winning laurels against all the odds. We have many sports items – Ludu, Carrom, Word & Picture Puzzle, Abacus, Chess best suited to our differently abled students and have planned different sports and hand activities with a view to a accelerating the physical and mental growth and development of our students in addition to developing mutual cooperation, understanding, tolerance and fraternity among this special category of people.