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About the Organization

“ You can have everything in life you want he will just enough other people get what they want ” – is our principle or broadly speaking our philosophy on which we case or have based our missionary work of being caryatids for the upliftment of the differently abled persons in particular and other needy people in general. We could feel the silent pathetic cry of abandoned, street children, orphanage, working children, mentally ill persons and other socially devalued persons, child bonded labour, beggar who are living in a world of unhappiness, despair and negligence and we have made ourselves determined to help this class to the greatest possible extent. In the years gone by we have done lots of activities for those who are left sans source in the form of education, training and rehabilitation and we have a dream to extend our ambit of our activities which will catalysis the strength of all the needy people to overcome their difficulties and become like up or something better than up.


The organization has already implemented various programmes and has achieved the desired objectives. Since 2005 S.W.M has been rendering services in the rural areas to the downtrodden section of the society particularly for physically and mentally retarded.

Understanding the various challenges faced by physically and mentally retarded, the mission has been undertaking a survey to identify such persons. The Mission encourages them to be registered with the government. The Mission visits physically and mentally retarded persons and gives them support. The Mission has taken various steps for vocational training like Computer Education, Cutting and Tailoring etc. Every year the S.W.M observed National Science Day, World Disable Day, BadhateKadam etc. In the year 2005 the S.W.M established a special free residential school “TAPOBAN” for disabled, poor, working and abandoned children. At present 20 children reside in Tapoban, 5 of them abandoned, transferred by C.W.C. Kamrup (M) and other C.W.C and 25 other day care differently abled children. The Mission working for protection of Child Rights under P.W.D act 1995, National Trust Act 1999 and J.J. Act 2000.

Date of Inception: 17/01/2003
Date of Registration: 10/05/2005


Student Welfare Mission is bent on doing the Socio-Economic and Socio-Cultural upliftment of the persons bereft of social importance left sans source and physically or mentally retarded persons with a special emphasis on the fighting for the basic human and child rights besides providing counseling to make them stand on their own foot. The SWM is propagating the idea of maintaining ecological balance by popularizing the concept of sustainable development.


The Students Welfare Mission dreams a society where socially unfortunate but needy persons get proper social love so as to feel that they are as equally integral parts of the society as their fellow human beings. The Mission sincerely hopes that its activities in different aspects of the human lives and societies will be ever living.

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The door of the Mission is always kept opened for the persons: Natural or Artificial with attitude based on humanism and principle of cooperation: Essentially devoid of vested interest. We form the deep of our hearts want that our attempts focused on the deprived section of the society be catalyzed for the betterment of the same.